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SVA Fine Arts Residnecy, 2023

A Shattered Spectrum, 2021

Soo Hyun Namkoong x Lusiana Morales

The focus for this intallation is on color, light, and reflection. Light is incorporated through the use of different moving images with changing colors and reflectiveness. The inspiration comes from the colors produced by the Iridescent film we use to start experimenting. During the process,  the vast array of colors were created when the light passed through the film. The goal was to project the video on to the various reflective materials to create several moving shapes across the walls. The visuals consist of different videos featuring digital drawings combined with footage of light in nature, the sun, shadows, and from artificial sources. The filmed light bulbs to create light and dark marks across the room, and used various footage featuring intense color changes. This project was exhibited at SCAD Open Studio 2021.

Bury Me in Seoul City, 2022

Painted album cover for Gre Gory's new album

IndL'art X Namkoong, 2021

Collaborated with a fashion brand.

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 7.24_edited.jpg

Getting Acid, 2020

Participated as an animator for the music video "Getting Acid" for Jimothy Lacoste

경이로운 소문
The Uncanny Counter (2020)
, 2020

Participated as an illustrator for the opening sequence for a hero thriller show of Netflix under Undesigned Museum, a motion graphic studio.

Confession (2022)
, 2020

Participated as a digital painter for the opening sequence of the movie under Undesigned Museum.

Illustration for Free Cafe, 2016

Commissioned for the advertising illustration for Free Cafe and was attached to the public buses in South Korea.

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